Hello all our amazing supporters of sustainable building!

I'm happy to announce that we have reached over $1000 in pledges in just 5 days! Thanks to all of you for your support and for sharing our campaign with your friends and family. It's inspiring to realise how much generosity there is out there for project such as this. It's still early days and we've still got $6000 to raise over the next 55 days, but it's a promising start.

We will keep you updated about the progress of the campaign and building of the gazebo and have started a new update page on facebook you can join and follow

Latest news: This Friday we're meeting with the University Buildings and Property project manager and the straw bale builder representing the project (Lance from House of Bales, that's been involved in the project for 8 years!) to nut out how the engineers design for the gazebo relate to the cost of the build. The designs have a large amount of concrete in the footings and foundations which make the project a lot more expensive than we first anticipated. But there is goodwill from all sides so we're confident of a compromise.

Please share our crowd-funder campaign page with your friends and family help us reach the required $7000 we need to build a strawbale gazebo for our community garden.

Find the 'Flinders community permaculture garden' on Facebook to keep updated.

Thanks again!

Peace and mud, Kegan

For the past 8 years the Flinders Community Garden has dreamed of building a Strawbale Gazebo.

We are so close - we have the designs and half the funding, as well as a great project team dedicated to making this happen. The only thing holding us back is the remaining funds.  So please help us get that final leg by supporting our crowd-funder campaign. We need to raise $7000 more to make our strawbale gazebo project finally happen.

Our Community Garden has put a lot of work in and jumped many hurdles to get the project this far ... it would be devistating to get so close and not reach our goal.  If you pledge now - no money will be taken out until we and only if we reach our goal.

Take a look through our website - learn about this great community driven project - watch our quirky crowd-funder video below ... but please take that next step, confirm a financial pledge and really make this unique project finally happen. Check out our crowd-funder campaign page here.

With the money we raise we will purchase all the sustainable building materials we need to physically build our project... This is where your contributions will be invaluable. You are going to practically help us by purchasing one of the elements which combined together will form our strawbale gazebo. All contributions will collectively  go a long way in building our dream.

Thank you REWARDS from small to large contributions include community garden sticker, message engraved in a paver or timber post, commemorative plaques and a permablitz in your backyard. You can purchase a strawbale or secure a workshop place in one of the awesome sustainable building workshops, which will be run by Australia’s leading natural builders during Feburary to March next year.

It is really a special project this one and we can only make it happen if the community comes in behind us by digging deep and help us reach our goal of our crowd-funder campaign.

Thank you so much to those who do help us.
We really appreciate your support.